Today I Learned . . . You Can Be Bitter Or You Can Be Better

They say you never learn anything from TV.

Not true!

I was watching an episode of “Child Genius” last night and I heard the words of a parent who was comforting his child after they left the competition.

He said that he teaches his children that when life puts up roadblocks or challenges, and they don’t turn out the way you expected,  they have a choice to make:

They can be bitter or they can be better.

What a brilliant, succinct concept.

Life is always full of twists and turns, and how you deal with things goes a long way to how you address the next challenge.

Every defeat is a learning experience, as this Dad so brilliantly expressed to his child.

You can be sure that whenever I find myself in such a situation going forward, I’m going to try to be thinking of that Dad’s words.