Today I Learned . . . No is OK

We all want to please people.

When asked to do favors, attend functions or meetings, or just stop what we are doing because someone asks us to do something else, many times the natural reaction is to just say yes.

We do it without even thinking about it.  We do it because we want to be perceived as doing good for others.  We do it because we feel good pleasing others.

But should we?  If our heart is not in it, is it really fair, to those asking, or even ourselves?

Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.

I was that person for a long time, but today I’ve learned that it is OK to say no.

We only have so many hours or minutes to spend in a day.  Pick the things you are really passionate about, that you care about, that are productive, and focus on them.

That other stuff, the stuff you really don’t want to do, or don’t need to do, leave those things to someone who does find it in their list of priorities.

Don’t be afraid to stick to your own priorities.

It’s OK to say no.  Embrace it.