Today I Learned . . . Less Can Be More, But It Can Be Challenging

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been looking into the Minimalist movement recently.  The more I learn about it, the more interesting it is to me.

The theory seems to be that by eliminating clutter from your life, both physical clutter and mental clutter, you leave room for what is truly important to you.

That makes a lot of sense to me.  But just because something makes sense, that doesn’t mean it is easy to accomplish or implement.

How many times in life, in so many situations, do we know what is best for us but still avoid doing it for one reason or another?

It could be because of fear of the unknown, or a desire not to have to do without, or for any reason you can rationalize to yourself.

But, as we have learned, anything worth having or doing is worth the slight discomfort that comes about as a result of the process of change.

We all hear the words ringing in our heads, “If you know what is good for you . . . “

Well, we do, but knowing it and doing it are two different things.

So, today I learned that less can be more, but it can be challenging as well.

But the real question is, are we up for the challenge?