Today I Learned . . . It’s OK To Be First

In life, it is not unusual to strive at being the best at everything we try.  We expect it of ourselves and we can be pretty hard on ourselves if we feel we are not making the mark.

There is nothing wrong with that, but this post is about being first at something completely different.

Today I learned that it is OK to be first . . . to say “I’m sorry.”

We all make mistakes but sometimes the hardest thing is to accept responsibility for our own actions that may have led up to that mistake.  It is very easy to focus only on what the other person did wrong.

If you want to make peace, don’t be shy about stepping up to the plate and being the first to accept responsibility for any breakdown in communication.  You may be surprised to find out that the other person is struggling with the same dilemma as you.

It does not mean you are weak.  Rather, it mean you are mature enough to put things aside for the greater good.  And  this applies even if eventually things don’t get resolved.  At least you tried.

So, I hope you remember going forward that it is OK to be first, even under these circumstances.

I know I’m trying to!