Today I Learned . . . Give To Give, Not To Get

We all have something that we can do for, or give, to others.  It can be time, advice, unconditional love, understanding, lessons, shared experiences, etc..  We all have something that is meaningful that someone else would be overjoyed to receive.

It is so easy to give those things away.  You don’t even have to think about it and you wouldn’t even miss it, or the time it takes to do it.

I saw this today:

Today I saw a picture that went viral on the internet of a department store employee helping out a young man in his store, in an unusual way.  The young man, probably a teenager, had gone to the store to buy a necktie for a job interview.  He was hoping to get a clip-on one because he did not know how to tie a regular necktie.

He ran into a problem when he got there because they did not have any clip-on ties.  It was then that apparently the store employee actually took the time to not only show him how to tie it, but tied if for him, around his neck.

That was the picture that went viral.  That simple act of kindness.

So simple, so beautiful.

Such a simple, selfless act of kindness done for no other reason than to help out another human being, with absolutely no expectations of anything in return.  So beautiful!

We see these things all the time and they touch our hearts. But how about us? Do we do them when we have the chance?

In life, we tend to get caught up in the old ‘WIIFM’ syndrome.  You know, ‘What’s In It For Me?’

So today I learned that there is always something in it for us, even if it is not apparent at the time.  That ‘thing’, if nothing else, is the self-satisfaction that comes from knowing that we are being selfless in that moment, and that we could potentially be helping someone who just needs a kind word or a little encouragement.

If that isn’t enough to satisfy the WIIFM question, put yourself in the receiving person’s position.  How would you feel if someone, even a perfect stranger, just reached out to help you when you really needed it.

The young man in the photo actually came out to say thank you.  That alone is worth it.   And who knows, going forward maybe that simple act of kindness will result a ripple effect in the world.

I know it affected me enough to think about it and write this post.  And now you are reading it!