Today I Learned . . . Disappointment Happens


It’s not how hard you fall that matters, it’s how high you bounce back.

It would be nice to think that everything in life will always work out how you want it to.  But try as you might, sometimes disappointing things happen, no matter how hard you try, nor how deserving you think you are of a certain outcome.

Those disappointments can be small or large, important or not so important, but they all have an impact on you.

What that impact is, however, is up to you.

It is easy to react in a negative way when negative things come about, especially if you truly had your hopes up.   And that is ok, for a while.

After all, we’re only human.

What’s important is to make sure that the whatever happens does not deter you from reaching your other goals.  Remember, when a door is shut, always check for an open window.

That open window could simply be a learning experience, it could be a new contact you were able to make, or it could be that what you were hoping for was not even right for you and you were saved from a big mistake.  Who knows?

Today I learned not to let the small, short term disappointments in life control the final outcome of what you want to achieve, or become.

Bounce high!