Today I Learned . . . About Gratitude

To be honest, I didn’t really just learn about gratitude today, but I was reminded of it from several posts that I read.  It is funny how sometimes we can forget about something so simple as gratitude, but then we can be reminded ever so gently at the strangest of times.

There is so much written out there about being grateful, even when the world seems to be going through some challenging times.  Much of the information emphasizes that you should remain grateful especially when it seems the world may be against you.  And so there is no better time to reflect on this than now.

Try this:  Stop reading just for a second and think about something that you are grateful for:  A person, a possession, a feeling, a memory, whatever makes you feel good.

Did that bring a smile to your face or some comfort to your heart?  I would be willing to bet that it did.

There is so much information out there on this topic that is moving and brilliant, so I’m not sure I can add anything very profound to the conversation.  So I won’t even try.  I’ll just personally be grateful that I’ve read what is already out there and that I have an opportunity here to share this thought with you.

Instead, I want to just pass on the thought and the idea to try to look for something to be grateful for such as the good things and people in our lives, while we still can, even under the worst of perceived circumstances.

That is my simple message to anyone who may be reading this post.

And remember, there is a reason why this message came to you right at this moment and why you are reading this at this point in time.  There are no such things as coincidences in this world, everything happens for a reason. And only you know what that reason is right now.

So today I learned that gratitude matters, and that it should be dispensed in abundant doses.

Pass it on!  Share this post.  You never know who may be touched by it or need to be reminded of the message here.

What do you think?  Let me know.