Take A Second To Acknowledge Someone

What a busy life we all live.

There are so many things that we have to accomplish on a daily basis that it really is hard to keep track of everything.

We’ve all got our daily to do lists, whether they are written down or whether they are just in our heads.

The danger is that we can get so focused on just getting stuff done that we forget that, for the most part, we can’t get anything done without the help of others.

We are not alone on this journey of checking things off of our daily lists.

When we are so distracted by having to finish things, or do things, or get things done, we many times forget to acknowledge those who have been there to help it happen.

 I Had A Perfect Example Of This Type Of Experience Just The Other Day

One of the things on my to do list a few days ago was to get some work done on one of my cars. I had been putting it off for some time. There were plenty of other things that were higher on the list, but eventually I got to a point that I could not put it off any longer.

Besides, my car kept reminding me every time I got in it!

Change the oil! Rotate the tires! Get that broken fog light fixed!

So this week I bit the bullet and made an appointment to bring the car in for service. I didn’t think much about it at first, or about the people who were going to be helping me out.

Sadly, I didn’t think much about anything except about what an inconvenience it was going to be. for me. You know, time sitting around waiting for them to tell me that there is even more wrong with the car than I thought.

Pretty Negative, Huh?

I’m still learning on this journey through life!

Back to the story.

I take the car in for service. It’s a nice place and everyone is pretty friendly. I get there with my blinders on, just thinking about my own agenda, and how much time and money this was going to cost me.

Before I can think too much about it, the person I’m working with offers me a loaner car for the afternoon for $10 so I am not too inconvenienced.

Wow, that’s pretty cool. Maybe this won’t be too bad of an experience after all, right?

Too bad I wasn’t thinking that at the time.

All I could think was that I was going to be spending a lot of money, and now they wanted me to spend even more.

I mentioned it and again, to my surprise, the person I was dealing with said OK, since it was just a few hours, they wouldn’t charge me.

How about that, I thought.

I won, or did I?

Again, I didn’t think about it at the time. All I was thinking about was me and my own perceived inconvenience.

I took the car and start running my errands. A few hours later I got a call that my car was ready. I just happen to be down the street so I’m back at the dealership within a few minutes. When I got there my vehicle is ready to be picked up.

While I am signing the paperwork and making my payment I happen to mention that there were some strange things happening with the navigation system. A few of the service people mention that they had not heard of such an issue before.

At that point, the original person helping me steps up and says they would be happy to look into it, but it was late and the techs were going home for the night.

Just then the service manager pops by and suggests that I leave it overnight so they can look at it in the morning.

Can You Guess What I’m Thinking At That Point?

Yeah, you got it: Another inconvenience.

This one was even worse because in my “plan” everything with the car was supposed to be done on the first day. But I acquiesced and left the car overnight.

I drove home in the loaner, not to thrilled that I would have to go back the next day.

The next day comes and I call to find out what is happening with my vehicle. They say that even though they were unable to duplicate the problem that I was having, they updated the software in the navigation system and hopefully that would work.

It was a successful solution.

“Will that cost me anything,” I asked.

“No sir, that is covered by the warranty.”

Finally some good news!

I returned later that day to pick up the car.

When I get there I drop off the loaner and start signing the paperwork. But for some reason there are two sets of paperwork. I’m a little confused, so I ask about it. The person I’m dealing with explains that they did two things for me.

Two things? I thought it was just the navigation software?

Humility quickly set in.

It is at that point that I become truly humbled and realize how self-centered I was being, and how short-sighted.

You see, not only did they upgrade the software that worked the navigation computer, which was covered by the warranty, but, as the second invoice stated:

Installed Navigation Map Update – Goodwill Gesture – Cost $299 – Waived

The person in service, along with the service manager, without my even asking, had made a $299 upgrade to my vehicle, and was not even going to make a big deal about it.

Wow, that is good customer service, isn’t it?

Frankly, it kind of took my breath away.

Here I was with my blinders on, just thinking of me, and there they were thinking of me as well, and I did not even realize it, or acknowledge it, but I would have if I was just paying attention.

The first thing I did after signing the paperwork was to seek out the service manager. When I found him, I told him how impressed I was by the person in service, and i finally expressed how much I appreciated the goodwill gesture.

$299 is still a lot of money these days, for anyone.

He said thanks for letting him know.

Next I went out through the service department and let that person know, one again, how much I appreciated what they had done for me and that I had told their manager what a great job they had done.

Their face lit up and they said thanks, and that it was no problem.

As I always say, I’m still learning on this journey.

The lesson to me here is that we don’t live in a bubble. We should open our eyes and realize that when good things happen, somebody else is usually involved.

They are people, too. And they should be acknowledged for it.

A little acknowledgement can go a long way.

Lesson learned!

Let me know your experiences and what you think . . .