Today I Learned . . . Everyone Has A Purpose

I am privileged in my professional life to come in contact with some amazing people. Some are in the best situations in their lives (retiring, wealthy, etc.). Others, unfortunately, find themselves in the most challenging situations of their lives.  Many times, it is a situation that they could have never imagined they would be involved […]

Give The Gift Of Time To Those You Love

Mom, can I borrow the car? Dad, can I have some money for the movies? Honey, what’s for dinner? The Dilemma Life is full of wanting things from people and trying to get people to do things for us. That just seems to be the way things are these days. And many of the things […]

Today I Learned . . . Passion Is Freeing

Have you ever been doing something or felt so strongly about something that you really didn’t care what anyone thought? Or you were doing something with your eye on the prize, focused completely on your goal and not the obstacles? Or had something that you would be willing to do for free, even though it […]