Today I Learned . . . Give To Give, Not To Get

We all have something that we can do for, or give, to others.  It can be time, advice, unconditional love, understanding, lessons, shared experiences, etc..  We all have something that is meaningful that someone else would be overjoyed to receive. It is so easy to give those things away.  You don’t even have to think […]

Forgive For Your Own Growth

  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to forgive someone. Other times the hardest thing to do is to forget. Many times the hardest thing is to do is to forgive yourself and forget. The funny thing is that forgiving and forgetting are both really important when it comes to trying to get on […]

Be Kind To Yourself – First And Foremost

Be Kind To Yourself – First And Foremost. Really?  How does that work?  It has been, at times, a foreign concept to me. I’ve been thinking about that idea since it was shared with me recently.  I actually fell asleep contemplating how it could apply in my life, and since I woke up this morning […]

Be A Baby, Live In The Moment

Babies sure have it right! Have you ever taken the time to watch a baby?  I mean really just sit there and watch them.  It is incredible how they instinctively interact with the world. The simplicity of how they deal with everything that is going on around them is inspirational, to say the least. There is […]