Fun Tips For Parents on Children and Money

As parents we want the best for our children, and to set the best example for them as well.  And dealing with money and saving is no different. Here are some tips to get you started: 1)  Start Early – Teach them that their piggy bank is not just a toy, but their friend, so treat […]

Today I Learned . . . About Gratitude

To be honest, I didn’t really just learn about gratitude today, but I was reminded of it from several posts that I read.  It is funny how sometimes we can forget about something so simple as gratitude, but then we can be reminded ever so gently at the strangest of times. There is so much written out […]

Be A Baby, Live In The Moment

Babies sure have it right! Have you ever taken the time to watch a baby?  I mean really just sit there and watch them.  It is incredible how they instinctively interact with the world. The simplicity of how they deal with everything that is going on around them is inspirational, to say the least. There is […]

Take A Second To Acknowledge Someone

What a busy life we all live. There are so many things that we have to accomplish on a daily basis that it really is hard to keep track of everything. We’ve all got our daily to do lists, whether they are written down or whether they are just in our heads. The danger is […]

Today I Learned . . . You Can Be Bitter Or You Can Be Better

They say you never learn anything from TV. Not true! I was watching an episode of “Child Genius” last night and I heard the words of a parent who was comforting his child after they left the competition. He said that he teaches his children that when life puts up roadblocks or challenges, and they don’t […]