Give The Gift Of Time To Those You Love

Mom, can I borrow the car? Dad, can I have some money for the movies? Honey, what’s for dinner? The Dilemma Life is full of wanting things from people and trying to get people to do things for us. That just seems to be the way things are these days. And many of the things […]

Today I Learned . . . About Gratitude

To be honest, I didn’t really just learn about gratitude today, but I was reminded of it from several posts that I read.  It is funny how sometimes we can forget about something so simple as gratitude, but then we can be reminded ever so gently at the strangest of times. There is so much written out […]

Lists: Getting and Giving at the Grocery Store

I just remembered that I have to stop at the grocery store on the way home.  Being that I am an organized kind of guy, I like to make lists. Here’s my grocery list: 1.  Milk 2. Eggs 3.  Smile and say “Hi” to the person in Aisle #5 who looks a little sad. 4.  Bread […]