Who is J. W. Malka?


My goal is to bring Trust, Integrity and Ethics (T.I.E.) to everything I do, and in the way I help all those I come in contact with in my life.

That’s why I humbly refer to myself as “The Financial Justice Crusader.”

I can’t reach that goal alone, so many times I associate with professionals with similar values to make that happen.


I’ve personally spent over 25 years acting as my clients’ most trusted advisor, both as an Attorney and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). I’ve also been a Judge for over a decade.

Throughout that time nothing has been more frustrating for me to observe than the horror stories about how much bad advice is doled out to the public.

I’ve even seen it with my own eyes.

People go to or hire advisors when they are really in need, sometimes as a last resort.  They deserve the best advice available, no matter who they are, or how they got to where they are right now.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that many people are being taken advantage of, or are being ill advised, by their hired “trusted advisors” on some of their most important issues.

So I’m on a mission to change all that, for as many people and organizations as I can, in as many situations as I can find.


People just want to be treated with respect and told the truth, even if it is not what they hoped or wanted to hear.

They just want the truth from somebody they can trust, because they are relying on that advice in order to make some very important decisions.

Those decisions can have a huge impact on their life, their families and their future.

They appreciate being treated like adults and they deserve good advice, especially when they are paying for advice.

They simply want their “advisors” to stop lying to them or taking advantage of them, and to shoot straight.

Does that sound familiar?

Unfortunately, I bet it does!


I’ve got all the credentials one could look for in a trusted advisor:

  •  I’m an Attorney With a License to Practice Law
  •  I’m a Judge
  •  I’m a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)
  •  I Hold Securities Licenses
  •  I Hold Insurance Licenses
  •  I’ve Hosted & Produced a Legal/Financial TV show
  •  I’ve Written a Newspaper Column
  •  I’ve Authored Some Books
  •  I Write and Speak on all these Topics

I top off all this legal, business and financial experience with a large dose of real life experiences as well.

Add to that a realistic perspective on life in general, ranging from personal to business situations, and that’s who I am.

More importantly, however, I’m a Dad of twins and a husband.  And I’m proud to say, that is where my priorities lie.


I’m on this “Financial Justice Crusade” so I can give back in my own small way for all the wonderful opportunities and experiences that I have been privileged to experience in my life.

And maybe, just maybe, to make the world just a little bit better, and a little more fair.


If this resonates with you, I invite you to sign up for my email list or to just reach out directly to me on the contact page.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Joseph W. Malka, Esq., CFP®
The Financial Justice Crusader
Arizona, USA

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